Get more from your indoor training and racing by joining our Team GC Zwift Club

08 October 2020


2020 has been a tough year for everybody as we have had to change the way we live. We are conscious of just how difficult life can be. As soon as lockdown was announced we realised that we had to try to do something to help people through. Remember at the time we were restricted to 1-hour of exercise outside and there were fears that restrictions may increase to levels seen in some European countries. Very quickly, we got our heads together with Team Liv Camden member, experienced Zwifter Bianca Fernandez-Clark. We decided to start an indoor riding group where we could share our workouts with other riders during organised Zwift meetups.

What we didn’t anticipate was quite how popular this idea would become so, recently announced store ambassador Bianca, set to work to build this into a club while we focussed on trying to deal with the hugely increased demand for new bikes in the store. Very quickly, Team GC Zwift was formed.

We were able to offer riders 3 weekly structured training ride meetups, regular Sunday races and rides and the hugely popular Thursday night WTRL Team Time Trial. Bianca started to reach out across the globe managing to attract riders from far and wide. It became a fantastic community. Hampstead Tri Clubs Phil Stapleton joined forces with Bianca in organising racing and our super-coach Gareth Pymm stepped in to provide a structured training plan for riders to follow with regular power testing. The results spoke for themselves and consistent training resulted in great improvements for many of us. As spring moved into summer and there was little prospect of any real-world racing this season, so we organised an open duathlon club championships with Sprint and Olympic events as with the team time trials the uptake was fantastic and it was a lot of fun.

As lockdown restrictions lifted club activities have continued. Team GC Zwift is now firmly established. We have several teams of different abilities racing in the Zwift WTRL Racing League this autumn onwards. Indoor racing, training and social riding is here to stay. The future has arrived!

If you would like more information about Team GC Zwift please contact Bianca here or call into the store for a chat with Nick about the team, smart trainers and other equipment.