Tron Hunters Zwift Rides

Every Sunday at 08:30 & 14:00


The ultimate Zwift reward, the Zwift Concept Bike (aka the Tron bike) takes a lot of effort to acquire; you have to climb 50,000mts of elevation to get your hands on this prize. Team Giant Camden organizes weekly coffee rides around the hilliest routes and even multiple laps of Alpe to rack up elevation, so this is the perfect ride if you’re hunting for the Tron or some of the toughest route badges on Zwift and want some company.

Please note, this is not a race. Some riders will go full steam, but the majority of the group will be taking a steady ride, chat on Discord and even stop for a cake at the top of Box Hill while our avatar super tucks downhill before going up again!

Don’t forget to have the Everest Challenge selected before joining!

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