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Nutritionist Viktoria Borsi is now offering consultations at Giant Camden

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Are you training for your first event? Or are you a more experienced cyclist / triathlete? I offer personalised nutrition services for all levels, where we look at your current lifestyle, diet and any potential health issues you might have. Once we set your goals together and had a face-to-face consultation, I will send you a personalised nutrition plan, so you can:

  • perform better
  • recover quicker
  • do more training.

During the consultation I will also check your body composition, which can be used as a base for your plan.

Depending on your needs we can determine the frequency of our meetings. 

Viktoria is already working with Giant Camden clients including  Hampstead Triathlete Club Coach and multi Ironman Daniel Bingham:

"I have been working with Viktoria since January. Her holistic approach is excellent and the advice she has given me and changes she has made to my daily diet have had a very positive impact on my training and racing performances. The changes have also improved my recovery after sessions and from day to day and from week to week. I feel so much better for following Viktoria's plan and I will continue to do so!"

For more details please get in touch:

Initial consultation 90 minutes £110

Follow up consultation  £65

Viktória Borsi
T: 07469802924

12 October 2017