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February Ride Out Report - Team Liv Giant Camden

March 21, 2017

Our February ride out welcomed several new faces as well as our reliable regulars. 3 groups headed out and braved the rain all the way to our regular stop in Shenley at The Cafe in the Orchard. 

The 80km group were hampered with technical issues and cut their chilly ride to 60km. Nicola led another 60km group to Shenley whilst I enjoyed riding with and getting to know new Team Liv members Anne and Patricia. (Please see Anne's note on her first Team Liv experience). For the way back to the shop, our ride conditions were much improved and we even had the sun on our backs. A few riders enjoyed lunch on our return.

Anne, Patricia and Nicola on the way back to the shop.

Here's Anne's thoughts on her first Liv ride;

Cycling is quicker than running !! By new team member Anne Dehapiot
I'm coming from a running background: running was the cheapest and easiest sport to practice when I was a student, I did Paris Versailles and various races for fun, not for a PB: my goal was just to be fit, and remained that way for many years.
Until last year.
2016 was the year of new challenges for me: I ran my first marathon in Paris in April, and then decided to do triathlon: I joined the Hampstead Triathlon Club in the summer.
Except that I never cycled on a road bike ever before...
I got my first bike in September and trained every weekend: initially in the Regents Park Inner Circle, then I pushed myself to ride ... the Outer Circle ! 
I was too scared to ride in Central London because of the traffic, was terrified by buses and trucks.
This is where the Giant Camden Team Liv ride on Saturday helped unlocking the situation.
We crossed busy north London streets in a small group, Amy our ride leader and Liv ambassador encouraged me to relax and safely followed me to monitor what I was doing. I felt more confident to ride with cars around me.
When we reached quiet countryside roads, Amy asked me to practice one hand riding, key surviving skills for a cyclist !
I could not do it without losing my balance ! 
Amy advised to use my core, and it magically worked ! I am now confident to show directions, potholes, and can even show obstacles with my hand in my back !
We ended up riding 60km in a very friendly atmosphere, with a nice coffee break too.
Being a women only ride is less competitive: it is easier for less confident or less fit riders to join in and make great progress !
I have now joined the Giant Camden Team Liv cycling club, and look forward to riding again with the club next weekend !!

A further comment from our newest Team Liv member, Antonia;

I joined Team Liv as I very naively signed up to a Cycling Holiday around Tuscany at the end of May.   When I signed up to the holiday, the lure of winery stops and unlimited pizza overshadowed the prospect of cycling.  Nonetheless, it soon dawned on me that 60+ kilometers a day was no mean feat and that I may actually need to do some training, especially as I was brand new to road cycling and had only ever ridden a mountain bike previously.  One afternoon, I stumbled across the Giant Store in Camden and decided to pop in to enquire about whether I could hire a road bike so I could practise on and it was during this visit that I found out about Team Liv.  Before I knew it, I was a member of Team Liv and was kitted out "with all the gear but no idea!"... The following Saturday, I embarked on my first group ride.  Safe to say I was extremely nervous but the group were extremely welcoming.  Amy, one of the group ambassadors, also very kindly took me out for an intensive one-on-one session to learn the basics about handling my bike and riding on the road.  She was extremely patient with me and shared lots of extremely useful tips!  I felt like I was having a Personal Training session with a Professional Cycling Coach!  Whilst I've still got lots more training to do, I now feel a lot more confident and ready to join the group on some of their longer rides!  I'm so glad I joined Team Liv and look forward to training with them on a more regular basis.