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Store Ambassador Blogs At Giant Camden

                         Amy Pritchard                                                                    Daniel Bingham 


It was back in May when I was bringing my bike         I first saw an Ironman on TV in the winter of 1994,
in for a service, some wheel repairs and to fit my       it was my first year in Triathlon and it was the 
new Garmin power pedals. I was chatting at the         first time I had ever heard or seen an ironman 
desk to store owner, Nick, about various topics          Triathlon. My first thought after watching the first
particularly about my racing, my best discipline          ten minutes was, this is crazy, no way, thats too
(swimming), my withdrawal from Motala and my        far, It was the highlights of the 1994 Ironman
plans for the...Read more                                                world championships in Hawaii...Read more

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